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20 years ago, Strategic Technology started with a cosmic kaboom.

February 11, 2021

By digital


20 years ago, Strategic Technology started with a BIG BANG.

From its earliest stages to what we know of it today, this is the story of Strategic Technology.

Like the earliest days of the universe, it all began with a technological singularity.

When the diapers came off and his well-fastened Velcro-sneakers were put on, Adam experiences an enterprising surge of ambition. His first business: power washing. The steam of his immediate success fueled him to explore the world of entrepreneurship.

Soon, Adam found the true nucleus of his passion: technology.

Touring the cosmos and zinging from one mission to another, he soon discovered his undeniable pull towards the digital sphere. From becoming the lead help desk engineer for Mary Washington College to starring in an internship with ExxonMobil in Fairfax, Virginia, he was just starting to heat things up.


Then came the big bang.

It began with one atom, Adam — but none-the-less, Strategic Technology was born! It happened much like the expansion of the universe: his focused energy forcing his business to grow. He burst beyond his home office and bartered for new space.

100s of clients spread across the galaxy became fused by Adam’s Managed IT services.

With more supernovas than one man could manage, Adam began building an expert team. To this day he remains part of the business’s nucleus, helping small to mid-sized organizations with their IT and digital security systems. Little did he know, in a short time his services would expand internationally.

Space is not flat, and neither are we.

With recognition as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Microsoft Could Solutions Expert, and certifications as an Information Systems Auditor and leading VOIP service provider, Strategic Technology is a multi-functional system working to balance the polarity of their client’s needs.

Forever evolving around new architectures and theories, we’re here to help stabilize your organizations.

The Big Bang Theory can be complicated and seem out of this world — just like tech talk. But, we’re here to make it simple. Reach out to our team today for any tech-related questions, service inquiries, or if you have a really good joke.


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