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New Office Icons Headed Your Way

February 8, 2019

By carsen

Microsoft announced at the end of 2018 a whole new set of icons for the Microsoft Office Suite. The current icon set was developed back in 2013 and is in need of an overhaul, however this goes well beyond a simple icon change and represents a larger branding initiative by Microsoft. Gone is the day of a stagnate application to simply calculate numbers or draft letters, and in steps the cloud-based collaborative environment that our business landscape is centered around.

Microsoft has opted to “decouple” the letter of each application from the icon itself, putting more emphasis on the icon and color and less emphasis on the Letter. But don’t worry the icons are still recognizable. Expect to see more of these branding changes down the road across the entire fleet of office apps. Expect to see the new design to begin rolling out with web and mobile apps in 1st quarter and then desktop apps later in the year.

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