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Penetration Testing

60 percent of small businesses close their doors within 6 months of a security breach.  Don’t become one of those statistics.

You would rather know of a security issue before a hacker does. Penetration testing lets us not only test the security measures in place but also see what publicly available information can be found about your organization and employees on the dark web. A full penetration test is the only way to ensure you remain secure from external threats.

Benefits of Penetration Testing
  • Protect customer loyalty and
    company image
  • Security breaches are expensive
  • Circumvent network downtime
  • Meet monitoring requirements
    and evade penalties
  • Detect and mitigate security
Our Approach

We have a dedicated IT Auditor and Certified Ethical Hacker on staff to proactively test your external security defenses. Not only do we discover and locate known issues or vulnerabilities, but our engineers provide full remediation strategies and are on hand to assist with mitigation
techniques. Our penetration testing goes above and beyond simple scanning and is designed to give you a real-world look at your network from the eyes of a hacker.

What this means for you

Disruptions or security breaches may cause debilitating financial harm and will ruin an organization’s reputation. Penetration Testing helps you avoid these
costly and prolonged losses through proactive testing and mitigation tactics. The goal is to ensure your IT security is working for you and provide you with peace of mind.

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What our customers have to say
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Case Studies

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Here are some real world examples of Penetration Testing in action.