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Social Engineering and Phishing

Hackers no longer hack, they simply login!

Employees represent the weakest link when it comes to IT security. Without proper training and testing of your employees on social engineering and phishing techniques you are guaranteed to have a security breach. Social engineering allows us to test the willingness of your staff to divulge confidential information.


Benefits of Phishing and Social Engineering
  • Strengthen your organization from ethical hacking
  • Prepare against phishing exploits
  • Assertion of how employees adhere to security policies
  • Ongoing end-user training
Our Approach

Our approach for phishing and social engineering diverges from the norm. We don’t just jump in with automated testing but start with a full baseline analysis to see where your organization stands regarding security training and policies. Each of our social engineering tests are specifically crafted to test employee responses to common and targeted situations.

What this means to you

Because employees are your most asset, it is important to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to information security. A proactive social engineering strategy with show you the week links and let you know where you need to strengthen your security and training measures.

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What our customers have to say
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Case Studies

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Here are some real world examples of Social Engineering and Phishing in action.