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The Amazon Cloud Environment

Believe it or not, Amazon does more than deliver boxes to your front door.

Amazon Web Services can simplify your IT and management environment, allow you to focus on your business. AWS itself is a full infrastructure as a service offering that can open up a number of possibilities. By leaning on our expertise we can cut through the complexity and provide you with a stable fully managed AWS environment.

Our AWS Service Offerings
  • Full design and architecture
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Support where you actually speak to a person
  • Migration assistance
  • Workflow optimization and support
  • Patching and maintenance
Our Approach

Our Managed Amazon Web Services solutions are supported by our cloud engineers, who eat, sleep and breathe this stuff 24/7. We partner with you in providing all your AWS needs, from a single server setup to a complete overhaul of your cloud infrastructure. The best part is that you get to work with a real live person rather than wade through the jungle of AWS offerings.

Why AWS?

There are numerous cloud offerings out there, including hybrid clouds, private clouds, Microsoft as well as google. Our engineers are well versed in all cloud environments, thereby providing you with the best solution for your business and remaining vendor agnostic. We are happy to support you no matter what solution you choose.

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Case Studies

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Here are some real world examples of The Amazon Cloud Environment in action.