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Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability management. An essential piece of the security puzzle.

You’ve invested in firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-virus, content filtering, but how do you know it is all working? Vulnerability scanning provides for a complete scan and review of all devices within your environment. The goal is to determine where vulnerabilities or weaknesses may exist and provide for the means to fix or mitigate these weaknesses.

Benefits of vulnerability scanning
  • Identify weaknesses that you
    didn’t know about
  • Identify misconfigurations
  • Test security controls
  • Identify lack of security
  • Hold your IT department
Our Approach

Vulnerabilities aren’t just for computers and laptops.  Vulnerabilities can exist on everything from the phone sitting on your desk to the servers running your critical business applications, and everything in between. Our vulnerability assessments look at all aspects of your network no matter how small. All assessments are conducted and reviewed by a certified information system auditor. We don’t like to leave you hanging so we also provide you with full mitigation and remediation tactics for all vulnerabilities.

What this means for you

You have invested a lot of money in IT security, but all it takes is one misconfigured or vulnerable system to have it all come tumbling down. Vulnerability scanning will provide the assurance that your IT environment is operating correctly, and in a secure manner.

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What our customers have to say
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Case Studies

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Here are some real world examples of Vulnerability Scanning in action.